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Farmer Holding Vegetables In Hands


SWIFT has helped countless women become financially independent and scale up their businesses to the next level. We share all these incredible stories over on our Instagram account, so make sure to check it out by clicking on the button below. Below are 8 'starter' stories to show SWIFT's incredible efforts in supporting women financially.

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Rasha lives with her family in a difficult situation but aspires to own a beauty salon business. Through our aid in supplementing a $2125 loan, she has overcome her financial difficulties and made a home-based business into a large, independent beauty center that she owns in the city of Ibrid.



Haneen wishes to become an entrepreneur as this can serve as a consistent income for her family. Through SWIFT, we allowed her dream to be fulfilled by providing a loan that Haneen later used to buy clothes for different ages and styles.

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mehrona, 22

Mehrona is a seamstress in the Temurmalik region, and for the past four years, she has been working in this craftsmanship. With SWIFT funding her loan, Mehrona bought a new sewing machine and fabrics to increase her income significantly. This loan supported artisans upholding Tajik traditions, and their families.


Miliana, 59

Milana’s dream is to expand her business which sells Kava, a drink that is enjoyed by the locals for special occasions, keeping the culture of the Fijian people alive. Through SWIFT, we provided a loan to Miliana. She used this loan to cultivate her land to plant Kava and build a sustainable business of a kava shop.

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KuñA Gaupa 

This is the Kuña Guapa Group, dedicated to empowering women in poverty. Each woman in the group owns her own business and may purchase necessary supplies with this loan. Through SWIFT’s involvement in this loan of $3,675, we have supported these women and their families to be more financially independent.


vaLERIA, 23

Valeria is an enterprising woman who works hard every day to make a better life for her children. This is why she has a business selling children's and adult clothing. Her profits heavily decreased due to the COVID-19 crisis. She invested our crowdfunded loan in the purchase of materials for new clothing. 

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rio bonito

Rio Bonito is a small rural community that is mostly made up of vegetable farmers. The Rio Bonito Community-Owned Bank started in 2021, which enables members, mainly women, to take out loans. With SWIFT supporting this loan, it’s helping unbanked communities in rural areas gain access to financial services.


saMRUAI, 60

Samruai's cattle market is one of the largest in Northeast Thailand. She desired to increase the number of cows to meet market demand. As a result, she sought a loan to purchase more cows and expand her farm. It enabled her to purchase enough materials for her farm and will assist her as a local woman entrepreneur.

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